Matilda’s Planet

Grown ups, doing good things

At Matilda’s Planet, we believe that some of the best ideas have simple beginnings

When a bright 5-year old girl was learning about climate change from her father, she asked:

“We don’t want the planet to be yucky, do we Daddy? Isn’t that for the grown-ups to fix?”
That little girl was called Matilda and this is her planet.

At Matilda’s Planet, we believe it’s our duty to help make the planet less “yucky” – by developing ideas and products that help us use less energy from traditional sources.

That’s why our ideas aim to:

  • Reduce our energy usage
  • Conserve the energy that we harvest, and even
  • Harvest energy more cheaply (or better still, for free!)

We’re proud to do all of this here in the UK, from our factory headquarters – One Green Place